Clifford Land The Artist, the Man. Clifford Land is an artist born in Detroit, MI in 1955. Land started enjoying artwork even as a child. He attended art school in Detroit while still in high school, and had to ask his parents’ permission to attend life drawing classes at the age of fifteen. These classes were taken during the summer to further Land’s artist talents. He won numerous art awards during high school and college. After attending three art schools and colleges, Land became an art director in Houston, TX.

Then his interest turned to billboard painting and he quickly established himself as a billboard artist. He moved to New York, where he received media attention for taking billboards to the level of art and had the opportunity to paint the famous DKNY wall mural on Houston Street in the heart of Manhattan. In New York, Clifford’s art career was solidified. He has had numerous art shows in New York City and around the country as well as international art fairs in Switzerland. Clifford moved to the South to connect with the land and pursue his art talents and raise 5 children with his wife of 32 years, Sara. Clifford Land paints in a pop/realism style. His works are painted realistically using oils and acrylics on canvas and paper. A typical painting may have a photo-realistic rendition of Bob Dylan and Bugs Bunny. He pairs people with cartoon characters and objects and settings together in a way that he hopes others see the similarities and contrasts or parodies. He also does series of still lifes and even the occasional landscape and commission. He currently resides near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Pigeon Forge, TN, where some of his work can be seen at many of the local tourist attractions. Clifford continues painting and showing his artwork in art shows and select venues locally and nationally and enjoying his family and grandchildren.